openSUSE Documentation

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openSUSE is considered one of the best Linux OS distributions available and this project was also one of the first to release their technical documentation in the EPUB eBook format.

Like many great Open Source projects, openSUSE is proud of the community they’ve built with all kinds of people of differing expertise, language and cultural backgrounds. Their project relies on the contributions from worldwide who work together in all aspects of the project from testing, translators, artists, documentation writers, etc.

The official documentation (provided by Novell) can be found at where you will also find the link to all the EPUB files.

There are currently five books available covering different topics;

  • Installation Quick Start
  • Start-Up (Installation, Basics, Help and Troubleshooting)
  • KDE Quick Start
  • GNOME Quick Start
  • Reference Guide

Each of these manuals is of a very high quality and of course very useful to anyone wishing to use the openSUSE Linux Operating System.

There are actually several more books in the openSUSE documentation suite so I fully expect this list of EPUB files to grow over time.