MySQL Workbench Manual

MySQL Workbench Manual cover image

MySQL Workbench is a graphical tool used for the development of MySQL Databases and Servers, helping developers in three main areas; SQL Development for the creation and management of database server connection, Data Modelling provides a graphical tool for creating database schema, and Server Administration for working with server instances.

Along with having access to great software, every developer also needs great documentation and the manual for Workbench from Sun Microsystems has certainly provided this.

The core contents of the manual covers;

  • MySQL Workbench Introduction
  • MySQL Workbench Editions
  • Installing and Lunching MySQL Workbench
  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • The Home Screen
  • SQL Development
  • Data Modeling
  • Server Administration
  • Extending Workbench
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • MySQL Workbench FAQ

The usual HTML and PDF version are available, but now you can download the MySQL Workbench documentation in EPUB, which can be found at;

MySQL Workbench is available in two editions. The Community Edition and the Standard Edition. The Community Edition is available free of charge. The Standard Edition provides additional Enterprise features, such as database documentation generation, at low cost.